Beauty & Sound Therapy

Self Care & Luxury in Peace & Tranquillity

Beauty & Sound Therapy

Self Care & Luxury in Peace & Tranquillity

I work with women, providing high-end beauty, sound therapy & sound baths to elevate how you look and feel.

Beauty at Brockamin

Calming , soothing and good for the soul – no rush, no hustle, just a nurturing environment. 

Seasonally inspired smells and treatments. 

Layers of the Worcestershire countryside 

Candles flickering and a heated beauty bed keeping you cosy 

Relax and unwind in this intimate boho-inspired setting. 

Exclusive brands and luxury treatments 


Meet Carrie

Hi! I’m Carrie! I have over 10 years experience in beauty; solo and as a salon owner. I am a perpetual learner, a lover of knowledge and an ambitious woman with a constant desire to move forward in everything I do!

I thrive on change and flexibility

After 9 years of being a salon owner and managing a team, I realised that I needed a life that was more flexible for my family. My clients desired exactly the same need for flex and change.

Being in nature

I love walking, being in nature and making memories. You will regularly find me in our motorhome having adventures with my 2 children, 3 dogs and husband…yes, it’s busy!

My inspiration

I thrive on spirituality, and love conversations with strong empowering women. Their strength inspires me daily!

Of course, I am a brow and nail fanatic – and always keen for a good skin care chat if you’ll let me! 

Dragonflies are a reminder of our own inner light. They are catalysts for change. They invite us to explore our emotions, inspire us to embrace joy and live life to the fullest. They can remind us to take time to re connect with out own strength courage and happiness.

Calming , soothing and good for the soul

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